Biography Marco Rojas


Starting his Racing career at the edge of 30 years old, Marco immediately fell in love with R/C Racing. It was in 2015 when Marco participated for the first time in a local competition and from this day he decided to create a group with his father, brother and best friend, to organize competitions and introduce the hobby to the country.

That’s how El Tri CR was founded to organized local events around the country and even participate in international events.

In June (2016) Marco participated in his first international competition: Copa Balboa, in Panama City, where he won the first place in 1.9 category and the second place in 2.2 category. With these triumphs Marco became the Centro American Champion.

Also, Marco competes in Crawler, Monster, Nitro and Slash modality, in events all over the country.

Then in July (2016) Marco and El Tri had the opportunity to participated in The Axial Fest, realized in Los Angeles, as the only guests of Central America.

Today Marco continues doing what he loves, practicing and in the next months he will be participate in some international events like The Axial Fest 2017 and other competitions in Spain and Panama.



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